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Past Defines Grace

July 22, 2013

Just over a week ago I had the opportunity to see, to feel, to understand the meaning of grace on a whole nother level.  With less than 2 months left in the states before packing my life up in a suitcase and moving to the Middle East, there has been a strong pull in my spirit to see and talk to people I haven’t seen or talked to in years.  People from walks of my life that were very dark, very lost.  People who watched me battle and battled with me, crystal meth, alcohol, promiscuity, depression…to name a few…people who I honestly thought I would never see again.

Nine days ago I heard news that will forever change me, news that hit me like a ton of bricks on so many levels.  As I sat with my friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years, for hours I asked about all our old friends, people we used to hang with, party with, fish with…story after story…they are in prison…they are dead…they are messed up on drugs…they are dead…they are in prison…they are still on meth…they are in prison…they are dead.  I was speechless, I was broken, I was sad, I was mad, I was confused.  It was the longest drive back from Sarasota, FL as I cried, I prayed, I begged God to save them, and I couldn’t help but ask God, why me?  Why was I plucked from a group of 20 people to be set free?  To no longer be in bondage to drugs, to alcohol, to sex?  Why me?  Why not them?

Ephesians 2:8 says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God“.  My 7yr old nephew quoted this verse on the phone to me the other night.  Today, I was writing an encouragement letter to someone in prison and quoted this verse…then it hit me…”the GIFT of God”.

Grace, the Greek word charis means kindness, gift, good will.  I did nothing to deserve to be plucked out of a crowd of addicts yet God’s grace, kindness, gift, good will, saved me…why?  Because I did nothing more than receive it.  God is offering this grace to everyone!  Sometimes it takes seeing what God delivered you from to understand the meaning of being set free.  Sometimes you need to see the lack to understand the gain.  Sometimes you need to take a step back to embrace what lies ahead.

I saw for the first time the extraordinary GRACE that God showered over me.  I KNOW God’s grace.  I RECEIVED God’s grace.  Now, what do you do with such great grace?  Walk in grace, share His grace, live in grace, shine His grace.

I thank you Abba for your grace in my life and I plead and beg you for others to receive Your grace right now in Jesus name.  I ask for lives to be saved, bondage to drugs be broken right now, men and women to be set free from sin, from depression, I pray for your mighty Word to penetrate their hearts, your Holy Spirit to envelop them and your grace to fulfill them in the mighty name of Yeshua.

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace

Ephesians 1:7



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  1. Terri Terrill permalink
    July 23, 2013 2:09 am

    God is doing a mighty work in you and thru you Jill. Praise God for His love and Grace. May His light forever shine in you. Love in Christ, Terri

  2. Nicole Phillips permalink
    July 30, 2013 9:06 pm

    So good Jill – what a great revelation of grace.

    Luv u Xoxo Sent from my iPad

  3. August 12, 2013 2:05 am

    I simply love you! I love the depths of your soul as it pours out in your writing…I feel His love for you through me and it is so very beautiful! I don’t know if this is the type of comment that should be left for a blog but I can’t help it because I could feel the intensity of Love for the unsaved and the spirit within said amen!! His grace is so amazing!!!

  4. August 28, 2013 11:07 am

    Jeez I am so blessed by your love for The Lord and obedience. Love you to bits

    • August 28, 2013 12:47 pm

      Love you Liz and likewise!! Sending you and JP with many prayers!

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