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Against All Odds

January 20, 2015

Against all odds, God chose the ravens to feed Elijah during the drought.  Ravens are scavenger birds.  They don’t even feed their own young…but GOD.  (1 Kings 17:4-6)

Against all odds, God chose to use a donkey to speak to Balaam.  Last time I checked, donkeys didn’t speak…but God. (Numbers 22:28-30)

Against all odds, Moses led the Israelites away from the Egyptians through the Red Sea.  The Egyptians had them cornered…but God.  (Exodus 14:21-31)

Against all odds, Jesus hung on a tree, was crucified for all of our sins and dead for 3 days…but God raised him from the dead. (Mark 15:33-Mark 16:6)

Against all odds, 6 years ago I was delivered from a life and history of crystal meth addiction, alcoholism and promiscuity.  Without a class, a detox facility or counseling I was set free.  I was suicidal, depressed and without a fight…but God.

Against all odds, my father underwent 2 open heart surgeries followed by a stroke.  They went back in for surgery with him plump full of blood thinners to remove 3 clots on his brain.  The neurosurgeon knew the risk of him bleeding to death…but God brought him through surgery alive and even brought back all mobility in a once paralyzed right side.

2015 has brought some trying times to our family.  What we’re faced with every day, however, isn’t how we’re going to get through the day, it’s how we’re going to respond to it.

Job’s Response

Days before my father went in for surgery I finished studying the book of Job.  One thing that really stuck out to me in this book is in the very first chapter after Job loses his oxen, donkeys, sheep, camels, all his servants, his home and all his children.  Listen to Job’s response:

“Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped.  And he said: ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD.’  In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.” (Job 1:20-22)

Job’s response in probably the most painful moment of his life was worship.  That word in the Hebrew means to bow down or prostrate oneself in an act of respect or honor.

I try to imagine what my response would be if I lost everything.  I want to believe that I would have enough faith to worship in that moment.  The moment I found out my dad had a stroke I can’t tell you that I fell to the floor, tore my clothes, shaved my head and worshiped.  My first response was complete shock.  On my way to the hospital that night I was so thankful to have 1 song on repeat in my car from Bethel church in California, Forever.  I sang these lyrics at the top of my lungs, tears streaming down my cheeks, proclaiming the Lamb had overcome and the Lord WOULD overcome in that situation!!  Here are lyrics to part of the song:

“The ground began to shake
The stone was rolled away
His perfect love could not be overcome
Now death where is your sting?
Our resurrected King
Has rendered you defeated

(Now) Forever He is glorified
Forever He is lifted high
(And) Forever He is risen
He is alive, He is alive

We sing Hallelujah, we sing Hallelujah
We sing Hallelujah
The Lamb has overcome”

God be Glorified

We will always have trials in our lives.  We will always have the unexpected tragedy creep up on us in the most inopportune moments…but God.

Maybe I’m writing this blog for me more than anyone.  But, maybe you’re going through some trying times.  Maybe God’s promises seem forever far away.  Maybe your hope is lost in a doctor’s report.  Maybe this new year has left you defeated, hopeless, without joy…but God.  Maybe you need to read the beginning of this blog again.

Against ALL ODDS, Jesus left the comforts of Heaven, the perfect communion he had with the Father, to come down to a messed up earth, to minister to a messed up nation, to die a miserable death, to be raised again on the third day so that he could live inside some messed up people so they could receive and give away the Father’s love and the opportunity to accept everlasting life.   Why?  Because He loves us.  What makes you think if He did all that, He won’t do a miracle in your life today?

Every day is a struggle to see my dad the way he is, but every day I have the opportunity to take my eyes off of what I see in the natural and look through the eyes of my Creator.  My God is in the miracle business.  When I forget that, all I have to do is open the bible.  Every miracle in the bible is a testimony of the power that lives in a life that is surrendered to His love and to His will.  That power lives in us!!  I challenge you to put your “God-goggles” on today and your “Eternal-ears” and believe, see, and hear what He has to say and show you when you put your trust in Him.  You have the keys to experience Heaven here and now, the keys to the Kingdom, the keys to see miracles, the keys to perfect peace, love and joy in your life.

Thank You!!!

I want to thank everyone for the calls, texts, facebook messages and prayers.  I know my dad will fully recover one day and my Father in Heaven will get all the glory.  His own doctors say his case was a miracle and if not for a “higher power” he wouldn’t have survived.  May your breakthrough come today as you take your focus off your circumstance and put it on the God of every circumstance in the Mighty All-Powerful name of Jesus.


“And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.”  John 14:13,14


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  1. January 20, 2015 5:55 pm

    Thank you Jill. This brings tears to my eyes and His joy to my heart ! These last 2 weeks has been a time of personal closeness and complete dependence on Jesus. Getting back to the basics. God never works with one person alone through a trial. HE PLUGS INTO ALL OUR LIVES at just the right place IF we open ourselves to Him. For some reason I am not physically close and really feel the distance but through prayer I see that even standing at your familie’s side prayer is truely what connects us to each other no matter what the distance. It also makes me realize how precious your family is to me. I praise God for all of you. Continue to send prayer and love…God bless you…Bette

  2. January 20, 2015 5:56 pm

    Jill, thank you for writing this. I know God wants me to see through you, but it feels so hopeless. I wish I had your faith…

  3. Cathy McGaughey permalink
    January 20, 2015 6:05 pm

    So good Jill thanks for the good word!


    Sent from my iPhone

  4. January 21, 2016 1:52 am

    Great testimony and glofication of the God we serve. I see now why that song we sang at Nations in Wales on 18.1.16 meant so much to you.

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